PPPoker poker room is a system of clubs with players from the USA, Australia and India.


PPPoker poker room is a system of clubs with players from the USA, Australia and India.

Monicabel 31/03/2021

PPPoker is a Chinese poker app that allows you to play against Asian and American phishes using a system of private clubs that are accessed through an affiliate. The application is designed primarily for mobile devices, as this format of the game is popular in Asia and a number of other countries and allows to attract a huge number of amateurs and weak players who are ready to have fun playing poker, without being tied to a computer. For regular players there is an option to install the application on your computer and connect poker trackers.

Deposits and withdrawals

Unlike many other Chinese poker applications, PPPoker uses a regular rake system where the commission is taken from each hand played at the rate of 5% with a rake cap of 3BB. Accordingly, the poker room also has rakeback, which all other Chinese apps lack. Each club has separate balances and currencies. For most of them, the exchange will be at the rate of 1 chip = $1.

PPPoker casino

All transactions for buying and exchanging chips take place through managers. Except rake at tables in poker room there are no other commissions for chip exchange or depositing. Withdrawal is possible on payment systems Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney on request from the manager. Depending on the club, the possible withdrawal fee varies from 3% to 7%, but there are also clubs with zero fee.

There is a full deposit guarantee for all our players in the PPPoker poker room.
Withdrawal is possible at the end of the week, after the manager receives a full report on the game from the club. Withdrawal speed is fast and is not inferior to classical poker rooms.

Rake and commission

There is a classic rake system at PPPoker where 5% rake is taken from the total pot at the end of each hand but no more than 3B of the current limit. With HU tables 3% rake is applied. So for NL20 for example the maximum rake for one hand is $0.60 and for NL100 the maximum rake is $3. On higher limits starting from NL200 and up the cap is 2B.

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