PokerBros casino

PokerBros is the newest poker app, launching in 2019

PokerBros casino

PokerBros is the newest poker app, launching in 2019

Monicabel 06/04/2021

PokerBros is the most up-to-date Chinese poker app, which appeared in 2019 and was a new step in the development of the industry after PPPoker and UPoker. First of all, PokerBros is distinguished by a better graphic design and a wide range of customization options for the application.

The game itself is based on a system of closed clubs, which the player gets access to through an agent. In PokerBros there are mostly clubs with players from the United States and Latin America, which should be taken into account when choosing the game time. The peak of weak players in such clubs will be at night time MSC.

As in the case of other Chinese applications, PokerBros primarily focused on the mobile market, which today markedly outpaces the popularity of the PC. For regular gamblers, it is possible to play on PC using an emulator, which also allows you to play multiple tables and use trackers and HUDs.

Unlike many other Chinese poker apps, PokerBros uses a regular rake system where the commission is taken from each hand played at 5% with a rake cap of several big blinds. Accordingly, the poker room also has rakeback, which in some clubs reaches 45%.

Rakeback up to 45% depending on the club

The big advantage of PokerBros and its system of clubs, is the opportunity to get rakeback, which can reach up to 45% depending on the club you play. Rakeback is fixed and depends only on which club you play in. More information about rakeback, clubs and frequency of rakeback payments you can get from your manager after registration.

PokerBros casino poker

In addition to the opportunity to receive direct rakeback from us, PokerBros also has a Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. You can always see the current size of the accumulated jackpot at the top of the table or in the game lobby. A Bad Beat Jackpot is a loss with a hand no worse than AAA77 (at Hold’em tables) under the condition that at least 4 people are playing at the table and the pot at the showdown was at least 10b. Depending on the limit, where the Deadbit occurred, the payout will be from 15% to 85% of the accumulated jackpot.

Deposits, Keshauts and Deposit Guarantee

All operations on chips purchase and exchange take place through the manager. Except the rake at the tables in the poker room there are no other commissions for chip exchange or making a deposit. Withdrawal of money is possible on payment systems Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney on request from the manager. Also in all PokerBros clubs withdrawal fee is 5%.

Withdrawal is possible after the results of the week, after the manager receives a full report on the game from the club. Withdrawal speed is fast and is not inferior to classical poker rooms. If a club stops its activity unexpectedly, the money deposited by the player is covered at the expense of the affiliate. It is important to understand that the guarantee works only in case of force majeure circumstances and does not cover the cases when the player is suspected of violating the club rules or being involved in unfair play, cheating, or using prohibited software.

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