Poker terms in English to remember for each card player

Poker terms in English to remember for each card player

Monicabel 18/10/2019

Poker is a very well-known and popular game worldwide. It is played by millions, whether online or offline. Therefore, it seems logical that there are many different Poker terms and phrases that come from English, the so-called “international” language.

Many of Poker slang terms have come from the time, when it was a 100% table game (no online casinos existed), while the other ones appeared together with the online gambling and the organization of Poker tournaments on the Internet. So try you luck in live casino online.

Poker terms to remember

If someone is going to play Poker, he should learn at least basic Poker terms. These are special words that describe hands (cards combinations), the position of a player, even attitude towards his playing style. The majority of Poker hand terms have English origin; even when a player is gambling somewhere in Macao, he must use them in any land casino. Playing online, gamers have more benefits as they can always check the table with the main Poker betting terms.

So, remember the following terms (in alphabetical order), to play this famous card game.

  • All-in. When a player bets using all his chips, he cannot make any bets. He is “all-in”.
  • It is a small mandatory bet made before the game itself.
  • Back Door. It is a non-complete combination of cards (combination), here 2 more cards are needed, River and Turn.
  • Bad Beat. It happens when a player with a very strong combination loses, and the player with the worse hand playing against him wins.
  • Big Slick. This is a pair of A+K.
  • These are bets that are force- made by the first 2 players to the left of the dealer. They do it before the cards are given to all players.
  • It is a popular bet without a good combination. The player pretends he can win.
  • This is the name for an opponent who plays poorly and makes unjustified bets.
  • Drawing Dead. These are cards in which one can lose in any case.
  • Together with Donkey, these are Poker terms for a gamer that plays poorly.
  • 3 community cards on the table after the 1st trading round.
  • Gut Shot. This is a player’s situation when he has to get only one card to make a Straight.
  • It is the usual name for a very powerful combination. With a Monster, one has chances to win.
  • This is the combination of the best possible cards.
  • It is the name of the card that is needed to create a needed hand.
  • Pot Odds. This term is used to call a ratio of the money in a bank to the rate (current) For instance when the pot is $ 200 and the bet is $ 40, it is 5: 1.
  • This term is used to call 3 (4) cards of different stripes.
  • River (one of the most often used Poker terms) is the 5th (final) and final community card in Hold’em.
  • Runner-Runner is an incomplete combination that lacks 2 cards before completion.
  • This is the situation when a strong hand is played as a weak one. Using Slowplay, the player lets his opponents make high bets slowly. With this strategy, the gamer has a goal to take the pot.
  • When a player has a pair, then receiving another card (the same rank), he will have a Set.
  • It differs from the Set in that the couple lies on the table, and the third card is with a player.
  • Turn is one of the most common Poker terms; it is the 4th card (between the Flop and the 5th card, River).
  • This is the smallest Street with 2,3,4,5 and Ace.

For sure, there are many more terms that are used in Poker, but they refer to other card games as well. The words mentioned above, refer mostly to Poker.

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